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Wedding rings are among the most precious pieces of jewellery.pandora charms , And today you'll find number of rings on the market but

diamond rings are number 1 choice for engagement ring but there are other gemstones also becoming well-liked by the

women.pandora beads , And one of the most popular rings among todays generation is vintage wedding and co ,

Vintage engagement rings

are a fine work of art also it not just speaks of the cultivation but also of the refined taste of its , It is a

superb bit of old-craftsmanship as opposed to the prong setting and plain bands which are utilized in modern rings. And

since it's too costly to breed such elaborate detail in this era, these rings continues to understand in value with


You can find variety of vintage rings which includes Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco pieces. However the most

popular rings on the market today come from Victorian times. These rings reflect the most popular tastes that belongs to

them time. And always remember that rings from different eras have different characteristics. Rings of 1920s were

generally made from platinum and white gold or platinum. And white gold and yellow gold were popular in the 1930s and

1940s. And in this era people also used the combination of yellow and white gold. You'll find that the ring from this

period may have intricate carving and smaller diamonds. Always remember that diamond of 1940s is usually occur white

gold or platinum enhancing the size and colour from the stone which is the reason the diamond of 1940s will invariably

look larger it appears.

And try to remember that before buying your vintage engagement ring you must consider cut,

carat, clarity and colour.

Cut: Remember that you should never judge the cut of older diamond according to the modern

standards because both technique and taste happen to be changed. Today you can discover that diamonds are cut by laser

which produces maximum light or fire. As well as in days of old stones were cut by hands and hence they provide romantic

and softer look.

Carat: The carat is the most important factor as it determines the buying price of diamond. Always

remember that if your stone is greater it's price is going to be also high. If your finances are low then your rings of

1930s and 1940s would be the perfect option for you.

Clarity: Clarity has additionally an extremely significant effect

on price as it refers to the addendums to the stone. Always remember a clearer stone is more expensive compare to stones

which have flaws and inclusions.

Colour: Colour from the stone is really a matter of your taste compare to other C.

You'll find variety of fancy shades in diamond hence you are able to choose the colour of the stone according to the

preference of your lady.

Character: One more thing which you must consider before choosing your vintage engagement ring

is character. Remember that it is the only factor which captures romance and charm of the occasion that it's meant.
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